About Us

treeWe – Henk and Monique – live since 2009 with our kids in the beautiful Bavarian Forest, in Germany.

We have a vision to grow all kinds of berries because they are very healthy. Berries are a vitamin source for our bodies. In our fast-food society we take to little of these vitamins.

We hope that for many our home and land will be an oasis of peace. Were we can meet and rebuild each other in spirit, soul and body.

We want to be a place were people can find their way back to their relationship with God, our Father and Author. The beautifull surrounding and the miracles you see in there, will point out the Love of God for you!

A scollar of nature, will find God!

Our Vitoase is idyllically situated in the green, yet the county seat Freyung is on foot just 20 minutes away. In the summer you can delight in a paradise full of flowers, fruits and herbs and in the snowy winter landscape in sitting at a cozy campfire.

back to basic

Take your time – do not live by the clock. You are worth it. Escape from everyday life. There is strength in calmness. Build new forces and return to inner peace.

healthy food

We offer a big variety of organic fruit trees, fruits and vegetables. We can show you how to feed the soil and plants in an organic way. And offcourse there is enjoyment when you taste the homemade food.


The Vitoase offers a variety of beautiful places to meditate and where you can let nature work on you. Enjoy the colors and the fragrance of the flowers and the herbs. A playground for young and not so young “children”.